Wedding Styles

[lead]As soon as a girl accepts a proposal, everyone has an opinion.  Hopefully these tips should help you keep focused on what you want.[/lead]

start cheating. Don’t be despondent if you think your hair doesn’t naturally have the qualities you want.  This is the most special of occasions and your style doesn’t have to be practical or able to function in the real world-just as long as you can make it last the day.  There are many tricks of the trade to help you create the illusion that you want: hairpieces can add volume, straighteners can make hair ultra-sleek and well-placed veil can make even short hair appear long.  Your hairdresser at V’s Hair Studio can be your greatest ally.

If you are wearing a long veil, keep your hairstyle as simple as possible. Don’t be tempted to go for a radical restyle, it’s you he has asked to marry and it’s you he wants to see at the altar.


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