Hello Winter Garden, Windermere and Ocoee!

Welcome to V's Hair Studio located in Winter Garden off of Maguire and Old Winter Garden Road.  Owner stylist Vicky Ha has been serving the Winter Garden, Windermere and Ocoee Florida community for over 10 years.  It's here Vicky strives to offer the highest quality product and services at an affordable price. Whether you are looking for ... More

Defend Against Damage

When using hot tools, always spray a heat protectant on your hair beforehand and put the iron on the lowest setting.  Try to only heat style your hair twice a week and invest in a good curling iron that you know how to use, whether that be a wand or a traditional clamp iron.  If you find that your tools are too difficult to use, you ... More

Master the no-blow hairstyle

Forget frying your hair into submission summers is over!   Styling tips Heat and Humidity are the dynamic duo of frizz inducers.  If air-drying your hair leaves you with a lot of it, reach for a paper towel.  Drying your hair with a cotton towel causes friction, which leads to frizz.   More

Styling Secrets

Always finish blow-drying your  hair with a quick blast of cold air.  Not only does it "set" the new shape in place, but it closes the hair cuticles which maximizes gloss and shine. For best blow drying results, gently dry the hair until its 70 percent dry before attempting to style it.  Trying to style and shape wet hair is just a ... More

I think that the most important thing a woman can have- next to talent, of course- is her hairdresser. - Joan Crawford

Hair Styling Don’ts

Don't get stuck in a rut!  Sorry but you can't get away with the same hairstyle you've had since you were twelve and not look dated.  So ask your stylist if they think your cut is still the best one for you. They might suggest something a bit softer or more sophisticated.  Get a few tweaks to your cut each time you visit the salon for ... More

Twist and Shout

You need Hairdryer Blow-drying primer Hairpins Wax Dry the hair using a blow drying primer spray for extra lift and hold.  Twist the top section of hair onto your crown and secure it with pins, letting strands fall out for added texture. Twist the back section up and pin it as before, again leaving strands to fan ... More

Wedding Styles

start cheating. Don't be despondent if you think your hair doesn't naturally have the qualities you want.  This is the most special of occasions and your style doesn't have to be practical or able to function in the real world-just as long as you can make it last the day.  There are many tricks of the trade to help you create the ... More

Back to Basics

Before you start transforming your tresses with rollers, braids and updos, master the fundamental styling techniques for best results. Apply the mousse or blow-drying spray, working it evenly through the hair with your fingers. Pin up the top layer of the hair with sectioning clips so that you can access the layer underneath. ... More

What’s Hot

You don't have to wait for your hair to grow, you can get a head start by faking it with hairpieces, extensions and wigs.  No longer the domain of the follically challenged, these hairpieces are amazingly realistic, and more to the point, they allow you to experiment with looks you could otherwise never achieve.  Sport a sexy, amine ... More