Hair Styling Don’ts

[lead]Reluctant to go under the knife in order to look younger?  Head to a hairdresser instead.  Celebs have known for decades that a flattering cut can make you look years younger and infinitely better.  And why wouldn’t you want to look thinner and prettier with just the flutter of a pair of skilled shears?[/lead]

Don’t get stuck in a rut!  Sorry but you can’t get away with the same hairstyle you’ve had since you were twelve and not look dated.  So ask your stylist if they think your cut is still the best one for you. They might suggest something a bit softer or more sophisticated.  Get a few tweaks to your cut each time you visit the salon for a trim for a simple way to refresh your look.

Don’t wear your hair too long.  Hair that’s too long can make you look old. Period. A perennially elegant cut is one that grazes the collarbone (or just above), gives your hair plenty of youthful volume, and doesn’t drag down your features.

Don’t let anyone near you with a Razor.  Especially if you’ve got super fine hair.  Razor cuts take away precious, much needed volume.

Styling tips

Hair tip of the Day
Hair Tip of the Day


Love Jennifer Aniston’s hair?  Don’t we all.  But unless your own hair is a similar texture and length and her face shape resembles yours, it might not be possible to get the exact same look with your hair.

Bring in tons of pictures of styles that you like to spark a discussion about a version of that particular cut that will work best for you.


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